Software Release Log

Release 2.19.9 (3/15/2022)
Bug Fixes
• PDF export of jury list now includes all fields (1354)
• Fixes an issue where renaming an uploaded document in Jury Pool section would cause a system error (1240)
• Fixes an issue where creating a new juror field failed to appear on subsequent loads (1378)
• Fixes an issue where users were taken to the sample trial upon login rather than the home page (1372)
• Removes user ID from display on the Trial Access tab (1358)
• Changes enter/return functionality on Juror Comments so it saves the text now rather than creating a line break (1338)
• Changes language throughout to refer to “firms” rather than “companies” to avoid confusion (948)
• Fixes issue where previously entered Juror Note was not displaying in Edit Juror Note screen and prior notes were being overwritten (1359)
• Cleans up database updates when a user is removed (1361)
• Fixes redirect issue where was redirecting to (1363)
• Fixes exported CSV file to display all applicable columns (1355)
• Style updates for trials and archives on dashboard (1387)
• Archive only available if archived trials exist (1387)
• Handraisers section now makes it easier to match jurors with questions when large number of questions requires scrolling (1324)
• Column headers on the Jury Pool list will now freeze to make headers visible even if you scroll down on the list (1345)
• Pick list pulldown choice can now be returned to default value (1350)
• Minor UI changes to home screen to make options more logical and better-positioned (1326)